Making something out of the red planet's atmosphere
For 130 years, there was one golfball-sized hunk of metal to rule (and measure) them all. Now there's a new kilo in town.
Father-son oneupmanship in second-century Rome
The future is not a capitalist enterprise. Memory shortcomings, the art of astral projection, and building a future we can be proud of.
What it means to share a platform with writers who have free rein to publish hate speech.
The secrete life of mucous. Bonus free idea: a Meat Loaf/Wheatus tribute band called Meatus.
This makes me want a blue freezie
Figuring out what happened the day the dinosaurs died, missed opportunities for Fred Flintstone vs Leon Limestone jokes, and the perfect conditions for…
Wading into the writing process, relic in hand.
I can't believe these things exist. Also, hi new subscribers!
They're made of genes! The state of #SciComm and a couple of gene-based articles (not written by me) with brief commentary (written by me) for your wee…
Brain, satellite, cloud, branch. Mushroom, snowflake, octopus, butterfly. A treatise on a snack.